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Alexander Mosnick: Nationally Recognized Standards

Alexander Mosnick is a physician who treats all his patients equally.

One of the appealing things about Family Medicine is that it encompasses for much. Family medicine treats patients of all ages, and every organ system in the body, as well as every possible disease. It emphasizes comprehensive, continuing care for individuals, and every member of the family.

People who choose a family practitioner as their primary care physician can be confident that they are getting someone who meets nationally recognized standards for education, knowledge, and experience. They can rest assured that their physician will be able to provide the highest quality health care in a particular medical specialty.

The medical community, as a group, seems to be more and more specialized, but family physicians are committed to caring for the whole person. According to Alexander Mosnick family medicine is all about providing an ongoing doctor-patient relationship that is focused on the best possible health care.

Alexander Mosnick received his diploma in 2002.

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